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Information – fast and effective; Advice – indivudual and efficient.

For the Sportkreis Ludwigsburg e.V., one of the most important things is, to support his associations with all the necessary information for a successful cooperation. However the information path never is a one-way road, because the Sportkreis receives many information, ideas and concepts directly from its associations.

The Sportkreis collects those information and imparts them in a compact way to the associations. So in the end, everyone profits by this cooperation.

The office of the Sportkreis Ludwigsburg is located in the tower of the Ludwig-Jahn-Stadium of Ludwigsburg. The office hours are on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday from 12 o’clock until 17 o’clock and on Wednesday from 9 o’clock until 13 o’clock. You can contact us under the phone number 07141/83373, per fax under 07141/83378 or by e-mail at

Office Hours & contact


Bebenhäuserstraße 35
71638 Ludwigsburg

Office hours

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday
12:00 – 17:00 o’clock
09:00 – 13:00 o’clock
Fon: 07141-83373
Fax: 07141-83378

Postal adress

Sportkreis Ludwigsburg
Matthias Müller
Mathildenstraße 6
71638 Ludwigsburg 

Holiday Times

  • 24. February 2017 until 3. March 2017

  • 07. April 2017 until 21 April 2017

  • 02. June 2017 until 16. June 2017

  • 28. July until 08. September 2017

  • 27. October until 03. November 2017

  • 15. December 2017 until 05. January 2018


During the holiday times, the office is closed.
You can send E-Mails to:


We will be able to answere them as soon as we are back in the office!