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Sportkreis Ludwigsburg e.V.


The Sportkreis Ludwigsburg wants to campaign for an attractive sport in the present, create space for innovative and creative ideas and support new developments. Our goal is, to establish the Sportkreis Ludwigsburg as a competent and modern service provider for our associations in all questions around competitive-, freetime- and health sports. Moreover we want to integrate our members and athletes into the future-oriented development process. The Sportkreis wants to create a “WE-Feeling”.


The Sportkreisjugend affords an important part in the development and the education of young people. The Sportkreisjugend is a part of the Sportkreis Ludwigsburg but works independent and rather concentrates on leisure activity and education for his members. The most important target group of the Sportkreisjugend are the youth leaders in all the associations and organisations.


The Task of the organisation is to support the sporting and cultural activity of the Sportkreisjugend Ludwigsburg in an ideally and material way. Furthermore the organisation is responsible for the leisure facility “Untersteinbach” and “Füllmenbacher Hof”, so that here the further education in a sportive and in a general way, international reunions, the integration of handicapped persons and activities of the organisations are possible.

Freizeiten Untersteinbach

Starting 1960 the summer camp started in two parts of 14 days with each about 80 kids. We offer up-to-date standars with our infrastructure, modern sanitary facilities, a great recreational area und many sports facilities. Our focus lies on the sport and collaborative Values. Activities where you want to let your smartphone and PC turned off.

Freizeiten Füllmenbacher Hof

The domicile, which we call „Füllmi“, is located in one of the most beautiful parts of Stromberg. Since 1995 it is stated as protected landscape. The area contains 4 houses, and in one of them the Sportkreisjugend Ludwigsburg is residing. The facility is arranged in a forest between Zaisersweiher and Diefenbach. The valley is sourrunded by greenwood and meadows and is located in a pretty idyllic place, aside from traffic and the city.